English is a subject of the people. It is studied globally. It is a language that people from other countries sacrifice to learn. It helps them to communicate with other people. Nowadays, people of any age go to school so that they can learn English. It does not matter. The problem is that the language has so many things that one should know. It sounds simple, but it is one of the most complicated languages. It gives students and native speakers complications due to spelling and grammar. Here are the reasons why studying English is hard;

It is Sometimes Illogical

To some people coming up with a simple English, the sentence is a problem. It happens mostly to native speakers who do not know much about the language. They end up constructing useless sentences that have no meaning. The words they use do not relate well to a person who wants to study the language. Some syllables are not put correctly, which often confuse people. The phrasal verbs make things worse because some words have no meaning.

Rules that are Not Rules

It has many rules that have to be applied now and again since they are many. It is easy for them to be broken and not put in the correct place. There is a rule that confuses most people.  It is vital and has to be known by everyone. The principle of’ ie’ and’ ei ‘is often hard to master. You can write a word making mistakes without even noticing. Many words need attention for them to get jotted correctly. There is no way a native person can master all the words with such rules put in place. Some of them learn simple syllables that do not require them to think deeply. The worst thing about English is that grammar and order matters. There is a way you should arrange your sentences for them to be right. If you write a sentence in whatever way you want, you will be wrong. It is hard for those people who are trying to learn. The rules are hindering them from acquiring what they want.

Synonyms Are Different

Some words have the same meaning in English. If you are good at English, you already know. You can write something thinking that it is the same as a  word, but you far from the answer. They can have the same meaning, but you need to use them differently. Other syllables have more than one explanation, thus confuse people. The problem is people have to be careful with the words they consider.


Something else about the language is pronunciation. You got to say certain words in a particular manner. Some statements get jotted differently, but you have to pronounce them the same. It is challenging because one can end up writing the wrong expressions. Some terms are silent. If one does not know that, they will end up saying things that people do not understand. People have to make sure they take their time and learn more about pronunciation to avoid any possible mistakes. It gets hard because there is no way the rules can ever change. Instead, they become complicated.

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