Within Harvard College, there are many different sets of assignments and homework we will discuss below.

Problem sets

They are usually called psets, and they consist of questions that are regularly assigned. Most of the problem set is usually science and math courses. The main difference between the High School psets and the ones issued in college is that they could seem quite challenging and several studies encourage and expect students to team up.


Instead of having several short assignments, some classes may opt to have essays spaced out through the semester. Some of the typical essay classes include humanities, consisting of history and English, but we also have a scientific writing practice in other science classes. If you find yourself not comfortable with writing academic papers, you don’t have to worry. If you are a freshman, you will have to take a compulsory writing course in your first year, which will ensure that you remain in the same line with the rest of the students in school. You will find a lot of feedback from individuals, and therefore, it can be more beneficial to you without the dependency on your writing level.

Discussion posts

If you have an easy class, your teacher may assign you some additional questions which will require you to respond, probably on an online platform for your course. It among the best ways to keep individuals on track, especially with Reading, and most of the responses got will be used to initiate a discussion section. Most of the main courses have gotten split into two weeks. That involves about 15 students getting led by a teacher, and they go through the material together.


Among the main adjustments that most students face is getting through the many pages of reading they get given every week. Do you get homework in college? It all depends on the type of classes that one is taking, and it is usually possible for one to tailor their schedule to the reading amount that they find most appropriate. Most of the humanities classes have high reading volumes, and most science courses have got dense readings. If you have a hard time going through all the tasks that the teacher has assigned or looking up to use your valuable time efficiently, you can look for speed reading courses to offer you homework help.


Is there a lot of homework in college? There are a lot of assignments that get issued in college. For instance, if you are in a calculus class, you can use mathematics to develop equations and form 3D objects. When you are involved in genetic courses, you can spend the whole semester analyzing your DNA within a laboratory as you check for any indicators or ancestral history or lactose intolerance.


As you can see, there are fewer exams and tests in college than in high school. For all the classes in college that have got exams, you’re most likely to have a maximum of two midterms and one final. When you study in groups, you will have a more effective reading and grasping of information than when you learn alone. That gives you a great chance or meeting other individuals within your class.

Even though this is not the complete list of everything to get discussed, it may give you some sense of the type of assignments or homework you might encounter during college. You can choose the classes you find fitting for you or select a bunch you think you can handle.

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