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Start Your Enrollment Here

Step 1: Is Advanced Medical Assisting Right for You

CLICK HERE to see if  The first section will assess your interest in medical assisting, while the second section will gauge your interest in “Advanced” medical assisting, as is offered by Advanced Colleges of America.

Step 2: Request for an Application

CLICK HERE to request a personal link to the ACA Application (which also contains the Distance Learning Questionnaire) online.  We will assess your readiness for distance education and advanced medical assisting for FREE.

Step 3: Pre-Approval & Financial Discussion

Your designated ACA Admission Advisor will notify you of your pre-approval or denial, payment plan options, and discuss any questions in detail. A $99 Application Fee must be paid within 3 days in order to guarantee your tuition grant offer.

Step 4: Application Fee & Document Submission

Pay your Application Processing Fee and email your CV + proof of education (transcript or diploma) + proof of identity + proof of legal U.S. immigration status to your Admission Advisor within 72 hours of your pre-approval. You will be required to submit your officially verified credentials prior to enrollment.

Step 5: Enrollment Review With the Assistant Registrar

Finalize your grant amount, program details, any remaining required document submissions, online & clinical start dates, externship specialties & schedules, payment plans and enrollment agreement with the Assistant Registrar. Submit your verified credentials prior to this step, which is also required for transfer credit considerations.

Step 6: Enrollment Agreements & Fee Submission

Sign all agreements, make your initial down payment and receive online registration keys that will enable you to start your online classes and patient simulator!

You Are Now Enrolled!