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Where ACA Students Go!

Advanced Colleges of America is a small college, but with a big appetite for student success. In just 3 short years, the students and alumni of ACA have documented a variety of Advanced Medical Assisting positions, and some have even moved on to medical residency. The list keeps growing as we hear back from our Alumni; below is our latest update:


Name Department Location
J.K. Internal Medicine Brooklyn NY
R.K. Internal Medicine Tuscon AZ
T.B. Family Medicine Grand Rapids MI
A.S. Vascular Surgery Miami FL
H.C. Internal Medicine Brooklyn NY
P.J. Internal Medicine Bronx NY
N.A. General Practice -
J.P. Family Medicine/Preventive Medicine Loma Linda CA
Y.C. Psychiatry Providence RI
E.D.J. Internal Medicine Fresno CA
D.M. Internal Medicine Bolingbrook IL
L.D. Internal Medicine -
M.F. Internal Medicine Alameda CA
S.B. General Practice Allen Park MI
J.B. Pediatrics Newark NJ
L.F. General Practice San Diego CA
X.W. General Surgery New York NY
S.T. Internal Medicine New York NY
Y.S. Internal Medicine Mt Vernon NY
C.X. Internal Medicine Greenville SC
M.V. Family Medicine Allentown PA
C.U. Cardiology Mountain View CA
E.A. Family Medicine Wimington DE
D.O. Pediatrics Bronx NY


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