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  • Advanced Medical Assisting

    At Advanced Colleges of America, our Advanced Medical Assisting (AMA) programs offer an expanded focus on externships in both primary care and sub-specialties in a variety of clinical site setting options, as well as Student Services that include career development, placement assistance and medical residency admission advice. Click the title to read more...
  • Last Webinar: Part 1: 25 Transitional U.S. Health Careers for International Medical Graduates

    The process of residency entry can be a long and arduous process for International Medical Graduates (IMGs), during which time many will consider research, U.S. clinical experience, paid and unpaid healthcare jobs; some will even consider going back to school – which can be an excellent or a terrible idea. Click the title above to watch!
  • Nationwide Clinical Externships

    Advanced Medical Assisting programs at ACA consist of up to 5 months of hands-on clinical externships in multiple states and in various specialties to enhance the learning experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Students will have the opportunity to work directly with physicians during externships, and have an opportunity to secure a letter of recommendation from a healthcare professionals.
  • President’s Message

    The President of Advanced Colleges of America (ACA) speaks about ACA’s student body populations who are primarily International Medical Graduates (IMGs), the benefits of Advanced Medical Assisting as taught at ACA, and draws the viewers attention to his personal history as an IMG, and how ACA can offer a training program that may be just right for their future career in healthcare.
  • Online Classes + On-ground Externships

    Technology has illustrated that the classroom does not need to be the nucleus of learning, as networked multimedia are able to extend the teaching and learning experience. Advanced Colleges of America combines a online instruction with face-to-face clinical externships, providing our students with opportunities to explore real-world issues through authentic learning experiences within collaborative learning environments.
  • Think Green

    Advanced Colleges of America is fully committed to decreasing the carbon footprint of our entire workforce, our student body and vendors, and to contributing to a world that is far more environmentally conscious and mindful toward preserving planet Earth for future generations. Read more...

What is Advanced Medical Assisting (AMA)?

Learn more about the advanced practice of medical assisting, required skills and relevant continuing education. Google+
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AMA with 13 Weeks of Externships

Advanced Medical Assisting is based on the most rigorous of competencies. 456 hours of externships in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine & Pediatrics will prepare you for a medical assistant career in primary care.

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AMA with 21 Weeks of Externships

Advanced Medical Assisting with Extended Externships enables its students to get 288 more hours (total 21 weeks) of externships in medical fields of their choice. Job placement assistance upon graduation.

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A Message from our Founder & President

Are you, or do you know of an International Medical Graduate (IMG)? The student body of ACA is composed primarily of IMGs. The right training and a career in medical assisting may just be what your future needs.

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Advanced Medical Assisting: Is It Right For Me?

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